Old Habits Revisited

After coming here a couple of weeks ago, Paul and I were feeling the pull to go again. Paul and I went to college in Point Loma. Paul & I got married and lived in Seattle for six years before we moved back to Point Loma. We bought a 2,600 sq ft home with my parents and we rented a room each to my cousin and brother-in-law. A total of 7 years was spent with Point Loma being our day-to-day stomping grounds. During those years, there were regular Shelter Island visits — eating meals in the boat trailer parking lot — walking the long sidewalk that traces the edge of the bay — looking at the water, North Island Naval Station, and downtown views. It’s really quite a lovely place and it has a lot of memories for us.

Yesterday, we stopped by our favorite walk-up in Point Loma for Mexican food. Greedily grabbing our to-go bag, we headed to Shelter Island. We sat in the parking lot (which stays a lot busier now than when we first used to regularly visit). When we arrived, we unpacked our delicious carne asada (Paul had a burrito and me, a protein bowl), taquitos, and freshly made tortilla chips. We talked and watched the boats, including the cruise ship above, pass by. From where we sat, we watched the city go from faded to twinkling as the sun set and the city lights turned bright.

Walking Shelter Island

After letting the food settle a bit, we went for an early evening walk. Almost an hour-long walk, we walked and talked. It was peaceful. It felt both familiar and new. There’s so much that hasn’t been going how I planned or expected right now… the taking in and being a part of this familiar place was so very nice.

An old habit revisited – dinner and a walk

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  • January 31, 2022 at 2:57 pm

    As Paul was leaving, yesterday, he talked about this outing you were going to make, and he was so reflective and eager… eager to recall the happy memories of those places, and times before, and to visit again, with you. It made a nice impression on us, and it made me happy for the two of you.


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