I’ve forgotten how to blog. I go back and forth about what and how to write. I feel like I can blame part of it on my social media habits. Ultimately, it is my own doing – but my thoughts feel thin and scattered by the mere 5-15 second attention span required by the average social media interaction. Just like reading a book versus a blippet of caption text, writing a blog post requires a bit more mental staying power. Don’t get me wrong, there is value in social media. There are many ways that it contributes, challenges, encourages, and makes my days a little more quality. I’m just thinking about balance, making more room, and expanding myself again.

Learning a new language

For almost 4 months now, one area of self-expansion that I’ve been doing and enjoying is learning basic French on DuoLingo. In high school, I took French as my language requirement. I choose it because my Dad took French and told me how much he enjoyed the language. I started this after he died and I keep thinking that he would be tickled that I’m learning the language. He always wanted to be bi-lingual but he never took the time to learn and get to that point. I have wanted to as well and so I decided to start with small daily learning and practice. 115-day streak so far! 🥳 I’m proud of that streak.

Tiny Habits

There’s a woman on Instagram that I started following some time in the last year. She’s a clothing designer but with the new year, she decided to switch up her business. She is now a Visual Identity Coach. Her name is Rebecca Rowe (signs off her email newsletters as Bex). In one of her stories, she has a video of her practicing yoga and she wrote: “Doing this for the person I want to be next year. #tinyhabits” It hit me with a zing. You know how it is, you feel that small electric zing when something hits you just so. You can keep moving on and let it slip away – or you can hold onto it. I’m holding onto this one. I can feel it working on my thoughts and choices. I like that feeling. (Thanks Bex!)

What tiny habits do you practice? Which ones really work for you and make you feel like you are thriving!

Oh, and Happy Friday! This week, I’m feeling really happy it is here!

When you’ve forgotten how to blog + tiny habits

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    • January 21, 2022 at 1:39 pm

      Thank you, Natalie! And thank you for stopping in and commenting. You know how welcome and good it feels to get responses. Happy Friday!!


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