Nearly every inch of Amira’s walls is covered in Behr’s P290-5 Squash Blossom. Finally. I bought guaranteed-one-coat paint. Three to four coats deep, I’m disillusioned. But, I’m getting closer.

A part of this project has included clearing out outgrown, outdated, and unused items from the room. This has included decor, clothing, furniture, and a variety of tchotchkes. That has meant that an awkward, big-ass chair that has lived in her room for 3 years is now in mine. Ultimately, it will be leaving this house never to return. But, until then, it lives in my room.

After having groused in my mind about all this, I curled up into that awkward, big-ass chair yesterday afternoon. I needed a break after painting and sat down. And this was my view…

Holy moly.

I’m so lucky to live where I do.

Grateful for the view, and the awkward, big-ass chair to view it from.

Awkward, big-ass chair

2 thoughts on “Awkward, big-ass chair

    • January 19, 2021 at 9:35 pm

      I brought in a little tattered ottoman that we’ve had around forever. It is torn up from cats claiming it and can’t even aspire to “shabby-chic”. In other words, it’s a perfect match for the awkward, big-ass chair!! 😉 I spent a lot of time in the chair today (since downstairs is torn up)… and I was grateful again. It’s definitely staying.


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