I blogged for 15-16 years, from 2002ish until 2018. I tapered off and finally let my website go dark in mid-2018. The end of my blog was around the same time that I began to use Instagram heavily. It became blogging lite. It was easily accessible, required less work, and feedback was more instantaneous. I liked that and still do.

I would think about blogging again every now and again, mostly when reading Natalie’s Chickenblog. She’s been blogging for 18 years! Honest, straight up, her blog has changed my life. One of her most recent posts moved me to tears and altered my internal landscape for the rest of the day. I’ve also realized that blogging is a valuable tool in creating mental wellbeing. If I’m willing to do the work, it provides me the space and opportunity for my personal growth. While doing the creative work of writing and sharing, I process a lot of the pieces of my thoughts and life. I am able to sort, sift, organize, feel, commemorate, acknowledge, and give meaning. I am able to use it as a tool for personal catharsis.

And so, here I am.

If you are still blogging, drop your URL in the comments. If you aren’t blogging, but still enjoy reading them, drop your favorite URLs. Thanks!

Blogging again? Really?

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